setup amped wireless

Setup Amped Wireless Router using

Steps for Amped Wireless Router Setup

STEP-1 Remove and power off your existing router(if available)

Remove your existing router from PC, Modem and from power outlet. If you don’t have a existing router continue to step 2.

STEP-2 Turn off your Modem

You need to turn off your modem. Make sure there is no power backup battery on it. If got one remove that battery too. Don’t turn on your modem until Step-4.

STEP-3 Connection between the Router and Modem

  •  From your Modem connect the Ethernet cable and connect the other end to your Amped router WAN Port.
  •  Connect the another Ethernet cable from Router LAN Port 1,2,3,4 to your PC.
  • If you Don’t have a PC then simply use a smart phone or a Tablet.

STEP-4 Turn on your Modem

Plug in the power and turn on your modem. Re-install the batteries if available. Wait for 5 minutes to complete the boot.

STEP-5 Installing the Router

  • Attach the Antennas.
  • Plug in the power.
  • Wait until you see Power, Internet, WiFi and LAN port light solid Green, white or Blue. LED color depends on your Router model.
  • If using smart phone or tablet, connect to Router’s wireless network-Amped_xxxx.
  • Default name and password can be found on the bottom of the router (Router label).

STEP-6 Access Amped Setup Wizard

  • Once connected open your browser.(Recommended browsers-Google Chrome, Safari or Internet Explorer)
  • Visit 
  • If the URL is not working try

STEP-7 Begin Setup

  • Click begin setup.
  • If you see Dashboard then Click Setup wizard.
  • Click Next to continue
  • Router will start detecting your Internet Connection. Wait for couple of minutes.
  • Once Amped setup wizard is complete, you should see a green check mark.

Change your Amped wireless Settings like name and password

  • Once the Amped setup wizard is finished you get option to personalize your WiFi settings.
  • You can always change your wireless settings by logging into your router.
  • Access amped router login page using
  • You can also access amped router dashboard by using
  • Now go to Wireless and update your amped network name.
  • Under security you can change amped router password.

Setup your devices with amped router using Wi-Fi protected setup(Push Button Configuration)

If your Wireless device is WPS compatible then you can connect it to your router using Push button method.
  • Press WPS button on the router for 3 seconds.
  • Now on your prefer device access WPS setting and allow it to connect to access point.

Amped Wireless Router Reset to Default Settings

Steps to reset the router to default settings

  • Reset button on Web menu. Access amped router login page using Go to More settings> Management> Save/Reload Settings. Select the Reset settings to default.
  • Press the physical reset button available on the back of the router. Using pin or paper clip press the reset button for 10 seconds. Wait for 5 minutes to boot the router completely.

Amped Router Features 

Scheduling Wireless Access on Amped router. Go to your prefer network(2.4Ghz or 5Ghz)>Access Scheduling

User Access Control on Amped Router. Go to Smart features>User Access

Wireless Coverage Control. Adjust distance of your wireless network. Go to your prefer network (2.4Ghz or 5Ghz)>Wireless Coverage

Block Websites on Amped Router. Go to smart features>Block Websites

Troubleshooting Amped Wireless Setup Page –

PROBLEM: I entered and it failed to open the Web Menu.

a. Make sure your computer is connected to the Router using the included Ethernet cable.
Ensure that the power on the Router is on.
b. Check that your computer IS NOT connected to any wireless networks. If it is, disable your Wi-Fi connection
and disconnect from all wireless networks. Reboot the Router and try again.
c. Close your current web browser and reopen it. Use Google Chrome, Internet Explorer (8.0 and up), or Safari.
d. Open your web browser and enter into the web address bar.
e. Reset the Router to default settings by holding the Reset button (located on the back panel) for ten (10) seconds
and try again. The Setup Wizard should appear. To access the Dashboard, complete or skip the Setup Wizard.
The Setup Wizard appears only when the Router has not yet been configured.
f. If you still cannot access the menu, disconnect the Ethernet cable and connect wirelessly to the Router. Open
your web browser to
g. If the Setup Wizard appears instead of the Dashboard, the Router has not yet been configured. Complete the
Setup Wizard or skip the Setup Wizard to access the Dashboard.

PROBLEM:The Setup Wizard could not automatically configure my Internet connection.

a. Reset your modem by holding down the Reset button located on the back of the modem for approximately
ten (10) seconds. Try again.
b. Reboot the Router by unplugging the power adapter and plugging it back in.
c. Static IP: Your Internet connection may require a static IP setting. Check with your ISP to obtain the IP settings.
d. DSL Connection: Your Internet connection may require login information. If you are using PPPoE mode,
you will need to manually configure your Internet connection settings and obtain your username and password.
e. Cable Modem: Your Internet connection may require you to clone your MAC address. Go to More Settings >
IP Settings > Internet Network (WAN) and select Automatic/Dynamic (DHCP) from the dropdown menu.
Clone your PC’s MAC address under the DNS settings.