Range Extender

Setup Amped Wireless Range Extender

Steps to Configure your Amped Range Extender

STEP-1- Basic installation

  • Assemble the antenna.
  • Plug your Range Extender Near to your Router
  • If using PC which is recommended. Plug an Ethernet cable from Range extender to your PC.
  • Plug the Range extender in Wall Socket.
  • If using smartphone or tablet, connect to its wireless network : Amped_XXXX
  • For initial setup plug the repeater near to your router.

STEP-2- Access Amped wireless extender setup page

  • Open browser on your Smartphone, tablet or PC.
  • Access setup.ampedwireless.com
  • If URL doesn’t work use Amped Extender IP-

STEP-3-Setup Amped Wireless Range Extender

  • On the Dashboard TAP on Scan and it will start scanning your host network.
  • Choose your NETWORK.
  • If you do not see your network Rescan or you can add it manually.
  • You need to insert your Host wireless password you selected.
  • Configure your extended network settings like name and password.
  • Always choose different name or simply add EXT in the end of the name.
  • Once setup is completed connect your device to extended network.
  • Complete the setup and re locate your amped range extender where you need it.
setup amped wireless
amped range extender setup

Read More about Amped Router ( www.setup.ampedwireless.com)