WIRELESS LOGIN For Amped WiFi Range Extender

Setup Amped Wireless Range Extender

The wireless range extender is not so familiar word for all but this is a basic requirement for most of us today. As we all use wireless connectivity for our day to day work and if in any case, we are not getting proper signal strength it actually irritates us. To get the fastest wireless connectivity we can use one device called “wireless range extender”.  Amped wireless range extender of wifi signal booster is the best choice for range extension products. Amped wifi range extenders are designed to boost the existing wireless signal and enhance your experience with wifi.

Amped has created three categories in wireless range extender products. Desktop range extenders, Plugin extenders, and Professional series. These range extenders are best in class and specifically designed to give you the best in class range extensio0n for your wireless range extension need. Amped REC44M, REC33A, and REC 22P are the high range wifi extenders and comes under the category of plug-in range extenders. Amped Athena AC2600, HELIOS –EX AC2200 tri-band and TITAN-EX AC1900 range extender are the best suitable product for desktop range extension.  Pro series AC1750 and pro-series SR600EX are the professional wireless range extenders with very long-distance coverage area.These Amped Pro series range extenders are the best choice for very large areas. Let’s see the technical specification of Amped wireless range extenders.


Types of Amped wireless range extenders

Amped Desktop Series

Amped desktop series range extenders are most powerful and designed to connect multi-devices. These wireless range extenders are designed with dual core processors with power amplifiers and high gain antennas. Some specific amped range extender like ATHENA-EX can deliver up to 15000 square feet wireless coverage for your existing wireless signal. Now get the ultra-blazing speed with dual-band in ATHENA series wireless range extender.


Amped REC 44M and REC 33A are the plugs n play wireless range extenders with high power of AC2600 and AC1750 respectively. These high power plug n play range extenders are compact in design yet powerful in performance. For domestic use, this series of Amped range extender is so useful.




Amped professional wireless range extenders-

Amped Pro series range extenders are designed with AC1750 and 600mW power which gives ultimate booster to the existing wireless signal.








How to set up the amped wireless range extender

To do the setup of amped wireless range extender first you have to find the correct place to place your extender. To find the right place select a location between your dead spot and router. The middle place will give you the best coverage. Now follow the given steps and get the extender working-

  • First, connect your PC or tablet with range extender with Ethernet cable or wireless connectivity
  • Enter the setup address in the browser or try
  • Access the dashboard for the amped range extender setup
  • Scan your home network and click on “next”
  • Check your home network security setting and click on next button
  • Check ID of the network which is Amped_REC10, choose clone in setting for your home network.
  • This amped setup wizard will copy the SSID and security key of your home network
  • Now connect to the new extended network
  • Check your setup summary and your extended network is ready to use.