protection for information.

How is Virtual Data Room provide an additional layer of protection for top-secret or sensitive information?

A secure data storage for companies should be end-to-end encrypted and offer versioning, revision security, and protected collaboration. Far and wide, no solution to be found on the market met such requirements. Virtual data room steps in to close this gap. Here is more about it.

Virtual data room – the best way to protect top-secret or sensitive information

Digitalization leads to the fact that there is more valuable data. When this data is consolidated, risks increase. Therefore, companies should look for more efficient ways to protect their data and stay private. Most of the developed IT companies are trying to offer their solutions in cloud technologies. However, despite the apparent ease of use, the “clouds” are poorly protected regarding information security. To access data in the cloud, the user only needs to enter a login and password, which can be stolen by an attacker using various technical means or hacked by brute force. And even if the user carefully uses his login and password, the password is well protected from cracking by brute force, and it does not guarantee the safety of data stored in the cloud. The case under consideration only makes it difficult for an attacker to access the cloud through a user account but does not exclude the possibility of access to data.

A virtual data room is another alternative. It is a cloud-based environment with an exceptionally high level of security. Within this, the protected exchange of digital documents and their secure and joint processing is possible. All accesses are logged and are limited in time. Rights-based encryption at the file level prevents unauthorized persons from accessing data. The data room based on the confidential computing approach also ensures that the data is not only protected. At the same time, it is being stored during transmission and processing in the cloud. The system allows you to control data transmission channels and detect and prevent leaks of critical information. It will enable flexibility to classify data within the company and maintain its flows.

Data room benefits from the security prospects

The data room is an ideal solution for all business processes, which helps to make informed decisions based on data, increase business efficiency, and therefore be competitive. You can master digital data exchange with dataroom providers in a legally compliant and secure manner. The software ensures the following advantages for its users:

  • The data room allows you to consolidate operations and data in one well-protected system and also provides data comparability, elimination of duplication, and the formation of a single vision of ongoing processes for all participants;
  • A data room system allows you to increase the level of information security. It is achieved through a uniform IT landscape of the software, which in turn enables you to increase data storage security. It makes it possible to simplify the task of restricting access.

The data room audit-proof archiving as an additional protection layer

The data room enables audit-proof archiving of files. It means that PDF, Word, Excel documents, etc., can easily be saved in a GoBD-compliant manner. This function includes:

  • Complete change history. The data room records an entire version history. All changes are traceable, i.e., creating, changing, and deleting directories and files.
    • Revision security through blockchain. The recorded change history is secured via the Ethereum blockchain. Thanks to the blockchain, data export remains audit-proof.
    • Verifiable revision security. The revision security is based on a mathematical process and can therefore be verified. No blind trust in an IT vendor is required.